• Dyslexia means you are lazy or stupid.
  • No. Dyslexia is the result of an isolated problem getting to sounds of the spoken word but that area of the brain has nothing to do with critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning. Practically, that means K-12 can be difficult for a students with dyslexia. But, that individual can be very successful in a career and life in general.

  • Dyslexia cannot be diagnosed until 3rd grade?
  • No. Dyslexia can and ideally is identified by the first grade.

  • My teacher says my child will catch on to reading. We should wait another year?
  • If your child has dyslexia, waiting proves no benefit and can harm your child’s reading/academic potential. Children without dyslexia are reading in the first grade and accelerate their learning in the first and second grade. There is no benefit in waiting.

  • My child will be ashamed to be diagnosed with dyslexia?
  • Children take their cues from adults. These are bright kids that understand something is going on and the more they understand what dyslexia is the better for their self esteem. We want to teach them to advocate for themselves.

  • It is primarily boys that have dyslexia?
  • No, it is seen fairly equally in both sexes.

  • I can teach my dyslexic child how to read?
  • You can also be your child’s own doctor but it is not in the best interest of your child.

  • I can give my dyslexic child special glasses, change the font or put colored paper over text to improve her/his reading?
  • No, this is not a visual problem. There is no quick fix but your child can learn to read. Best advice is to use an evidence based program with a trained teacher.

  • My child was told she/he doesn’t need accommodations of longer reading time because her/his grades are good?
  • No. Accommodations including longer reading time are warranted as the dyslexic brain takes longer to read. The grade on a test is irrelevant.

  • The school says my child must be tested for dyslexia again since it has been 3 years since they were diagnosed?
  • No. Dyslexia is for life. It never goes away so your child does not need to be reevaluated for dyslexia.

  • My Child was told they have autism and dyslexia?
  • No. They are separate entities and a correct diagnosis is important. Also, one entity does not morph or change over time into the other.

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